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Our door to door service

Travelling to Chamonix? Make sure you go door to door.

When arriving in Chamonix, for your safety and comfort we always provide a door to door transfer service as standard.

The Chamonix valley is very spread out, making it difficult to access a lot of accommodation from the central bus and central train station.

Even accommodation in the main town, could be positioned up a steep hill or quite a walk from the nearest bus stop. All of the accommodation within Chamonix (hotels, chalets, apartments etc) is spread out along a vast valley and is not in one centralised area.

The road from Les Houches to Argentiere (the Chamonix Valley) is 16km in length. The Chamonix town itself is around 3kms in length with some extremely steep hills depending on your accommodation location. Chamonix is definitely not the place to take a service bus to one pre-defined stop.

For this reason Chamonixfirst offers a specialised door to door service for every passenger, to make sure you have the best start and end to your holiday which is stress-free and comfortable.

In the mountains the weather is very changeable and can switch from hot and sunny to cold and wet quite quickly. During the winter months, the snow can become quite challenging, especially with holiday luggage in tow.  Arriving at a bus stop not sure where you are going is a bad idea at the best of times.  This coupled with heavy weather, bulky luggage, children, skis etc. can make for a hellish experience for even the most experienced traveller.

Departing can be just as difficult without a door to door pick up service. Traipsing through Chamonix with all your luggage to stand at a cold wet bus stop is no fun!

Thankfully our service picks up every customer from the comfort of their accommodation meaning no walking across town with heavy luggage, no catching local buses to get to the main bus station and no added stress.

All we need is your holiday address and we can get you to the door come rain or shine.

Customers can wait in warmth and comfort of their accommodation until they are collected by our professional drivers.

Your Chamonix travel solution without the added stress!

The Chamonix valley is spread out; dont get caught out!