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Chamonix Skiing - Our Guide to All The Chamonix Ski Areas

In the Alpine resort of Chamonix, all the ski areas are spread out. There are various places to ski and the pros of this, is that every day you can ski somewhere different. You can also choose where the best place to ski each day would be, based on the weather and conditions. There are also different areas more suited to different levels of skier or boarder.

The areas in Chamonix are Les Houches, Le Brevent, La Flegere, Les Grand Montets, Le Tour, Les Planards and the famous off piste area of the Vallee Blanche.

Les Houches Ski Area

Runs Lifts  
Black_Ski_Run 2   chair lift / télésiège 7
Red_Ski_Run_Chamonix 12   button lift / téléski  6
Blue_Ski_Run_Chamonix 6   cable car / téléphérique 1
Green_Ski_Run_Chamonix 4   gondola / télécabine  1

Highest ski slope : 1860m

The first area as you come into the Valley is Les Houches. This is the lowest of all the resorts and also the prettiest having many runs in the tree lines. It is a very popular ski area for novices and family’s and holds many ski lessons here. Les Houches is also home to the famous world cup Kandahar run. 

Les Houches is also a great place for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. There are quite a few button lifts which can be challenging for a beginner boarder, but they can be avoided if you so wish.  

Most suitable for: 

Beginners and Intermediates. Anyone on a white out day due to the fabulous tree line runs.  

Le Brevent Ski Area

  Runs Lifts  
  Black_Ski_Run 5   chair lift / télésiège 4
  Red_Ski_Run_Chamonix 3   button lift/ téléski  4
  Blue_Ski_Run_Chamonix 6   cable car /téléphérique 2
  Green_Ski_Run_Chamonix 2   gondola / télécabine  1

Highest ski slope : 2525m


Le Brevent is the closest ski area to the centre of Chamonix. The total ski area is South facing so is ideal for the cold January and February months. It is a great area well worth a visit on your trip to Chamonix. 

Le Brevent is also hope to the Red Bull extreme skiing competition in Feburary and in contrast also is home to a fantastic nursery slope "Le Savoy" on the valley floor for the little ones and adults alike.

The new gondola recently installed means low queues even in peak hours making for more time on the slopes.

Most suitable for: 

Real beginners if using Le Savoy nursery slope. Otherwise intermediates and advanced skiers and boarders will get the most from this resort due to its amount of technical runs and some fabulous off piste.  

La Flegere Ski Area

Runs Lifts  
Black_Ski_Run 3   chair lift / télésiège 4
Red_Ski_Run_Chamonix 4   button lift / téléski  1
Blue_Ski_Run_Chamonix 4   cable car/ téléphérique 2
Green_Ski_Run_Chamonix 2   gondola / télécabine  0

Highest ski slope : 2396m


La Flegere is linked to Le Brevent. Like Brevent the ski area is south facing making skiing here during the colder months nicer when the sun comes through. Also during spring it means a full   day of t shirt skiing is possible and a chance to top up your tan at lunch time is possible.

Speedy lifts, wide open pistes and great off piste makes La Flegere a great place to visit whilst in Chamonix.

Most suitable for: 

La Flegere has a lovely green area to the right as you reach the mid station from Les Praz which is great to give you the feel of being on a mountain whilst building your confidence. It also has loads of great off piste places not to mention lots of natural kickers by the piste for a day of fun for all intermediates and advanced.  

Les Grand Montets

  Runs Lifts  
Black_Ski_Run 6   chair lift / télésiège 6
Red_Ski_Run_Chamonix 4   button lift / téléski  2
Blue_Ski_Run_Chamonix 4   cable car / téléphérique 2
Green_Ski_Run_Chamonix 2   gondola/télécabine  1

Highest ski slope : 3275m


This area is the largest and most popular skiing area in the Chamonix Valley. It is north facing and has some of the best snow from December through to early May! There is some of the best off piste skiing and it is also home to the only snowpark in the valley.

There is also a nursery slope before you take the chair or cable car up. This is called Les Chosalets and is suitable for the young ones whilst you enjoy a day on the slopes.

Most Suitable for: 

Intermediates and advanced as there are mainly blacks and red runs and to get the most from this resort then an off piste adventure is a must!  

Domaine du Balme (Le Tour) 

Runs Lifts  
Black_Ski_Run 1   chair lift / télésiège 2
Red_Ski_Run_Chamonix 8   button lift / téléski  7
Blue_Ski_Run_Chamonix 12   cable car / téléphérique 0
Green_Ski_Run_Chamonix 2   gondola / télécabine  2

Highest ski slope : 2270m

This is a great area with some fantastic runs. On a good day it is a lovely sunny resort with fabulous views over the valley.

The area is not so great on a white out as most of the area is quite exposed. It is situated at the far end of the valley past Argentiere, and from here it is possible to ski down into Switzerland. 

Most Suitable for: 

The Nursery area is the biggest in the valley with two greens and a blue. The rest on the resort on a clear day is also suitable for all levels, although not much fun on a white out. If you are intermediate or advance, it is also an exciting especially on a powder day. From the Tete de Balme chair lift there are lots of natural kickers and drops and then into the forest powder can be found even two weeks after the last dump!  

Les Planards Ski Area

This is a very small area just situated in the centre of town. It has one chair lift and two drag lifts. It is a great place for beginners to learn and is less expensive than buying a mountain pass.

There is also one red run which is great to challenge new skiers or boarders before they brave the wide open mountains. Les Planards is also home to the Alpine Luge which is great fun for adults and children alike.

The Vallee Blanche

This is a world famous ski area that is all off pieste, skiing down from the top of the Aiguille du midi at 3812m for over 17km straight. Finishing at either the Montenvers, or Chamonix (Les Planards) depending on weather conditions. There are a few different routes you can take and the views are truly breathtaking. This is a truly unique experience for the average skiing holiday, and is a must for any competent skier/boarder.

The Vallee Blanche is skiing on a glacier and even though the routes are not overly steep and can be compared to that of blue and red runs on a day with good conditions, you are still skiing/boarding on a dangerous high mountain range with crevasse’s and areas of avalanches.

Due to this, the Vallee Blanche is only suitable to intermediates and experienced skiers/boarders, and for all levels I would strongly recommend a guide, due to its ever changing conditions. 

Punctual, comfortable, good price. Thank you!

Sergey Morogov