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Argentiere - The Resort Review

Argentiere is a picturesque skiing, mountaineering and Alpine walking village located in the French Alps, just a stones’ throw away from the world famous skiing resort of Chamonix, Mont Blanc. Argentiere is a vastly popular destination for winter sport enthusiasts from all over the globe but also for summer sports including climbing and hiking.

Here are a few reasons why a visit to Argentiere should be on anyone’s list.

The scenery – Of course, just because the town is well known for its world famous ski slopes, doesn’t mean that that is all the town has to offer. The truth is that Argentiere offers some of the most breathtaking views in the entire world.

During the winter months, the snow covered Alps and valleys, stretch for as far as the eye can see. Log cabins and chalets line the snow covered scenery making the whole location look like a winter wonderland taken straight out of a magical fairytale. 

The views during the summer are no less spectacular. Lush green trees, grass and glacial rivers are scattered around the area. Topped off by the many mountain ranges, and valleys, you will certainly not be short of photographs to show your envious friends and family once you return home from your well earned break. 

No list would be complete without mentioning the world famous ski slopes in Argentiere. You may be surprised to hear, that the town of Argentiere is known for being the home of some of the most famous ski slopes in the entire world. Four of the greatest ski zones on the planet are located here.

Argentiere is actually the starting point for the Telepherique du Logon cable car system, which leads up to the world famous Les Grand Montets. A skiing area famous for the many steep and demanding pistes it has to offer winter thrill seekers from all over the globe.

The skiing areas are served by cable cars, gondolas, chair lifts so you will not be short of transportation to the top of your favourite ski slopes. If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding , snowshoeing  or even just snow for that matter, then a stay in the town of Argentiere during the winter should be at the forefront of your list of priorities regarding your winter break.

Fine French cuisine – As you may or may not be aware. France is renowned for its fine foods and drink.  Many of the world’s greatest chefs are either French, or have at some point during their illustrious careers been trained in France.

It should come as no surprise then, to hear that Argentiere has some of the finest restaurants, cafes and diners in the whole of the Alps.  

A highly recommended restaurant is La Remise. A restaurant which has been voted number 1 in the area by a well known internet based review website. La Remise serves fine French cuisine at very reasonable prices. As well as La Remise there are many, many other restaurants in the area most of which are, within walking distance, come highly recommended and are sure to make your stay in Argentiere just that little bit more special. 

Alpine hiking and sightseeing – Just because of the fantastic ski slopes located in Argentiere, Don’t think that that is all which is on offer in this gorgeous little town. If winter sports are not really your thing then never fear because Argentiere has so much more to offer. If you enjoy hiking in the great outdoors and have an eye for beautiful scenery and nature at its finest, then a visit to Argentiere during the warmer summer months comes highly recommended.  The networks of valleys which run through Argentiere are some of the most extensive, well maintained and well signposted in the whole of the French Alps. If you are more inclined to take in the sights at your own leisure then these networks are still ideal for you. The valleys and surrounding areas offer some of the most spectacular and breathtaking scenery that you are ever likely to see in your entire life. 

As well as the reasons listed above, Argentiere also hosts a number of shops, hotels, cafes and bars, so you will most certainly not be short of things to do. If anything you will wish you had booked an extra week.

Why not book your break in Argentiere today?  You most certainly will not regret it and it will be an experience that you will never ever forget.