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Les Houches Transfer And Resort Review

Geneva Airport to Les Houches Transfers

Private Les Houches transfer from Geneva airport is from only €149 each way and shared Les Houches transfers are available from only €28 per person.

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Transfer time from Geneva to Les Houches

Our Geneva Airport to Les Houches transfers take between 1 hour 15 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes. We also provide in resort transfers from Les Houches to all the Chamonix Valley.

Les Houches Resort

As you climb the autoroute into the Chamonix Valley and go through the final tunnel, the first village you arrive at is Les Houches. Les Houches is a charming village with its own ski area. Often Les Houches is overlooked by people focused on Skiing and visiting Chamonix but this really should not be the case. Offering 55km of groomed Pistes and vast amounts of off Piste to enjoy, Les Houches is perfect for a few days of fun for any level of skier.

For intermediate’s the off Piste is plentiful, there is a good amount of reds and there is always the challenge of “La Verte”. This is an epically gruelling, black graded run which is now made world famous by the Kandahar World Cup Downhill Skiing events held in February each year.As many of the Pistes are tree lined, visibility in the area is almost always significantly better than other ski areas in Chamonix and Argentière which can suffer dramatically when cloud hangs in the valley.

Novices and intermediates will feel at home here straight away. The wide range of novice Pistes at the top of the Bellevue Gondala and at the top of the Prarion lift makes for an easy entry on to the snow without having to walk to the novice areas or tackle a Piste your not confident on.

If skiing or snow parks is not your thing and you wish to take in the beautiful scenery of the Alps and breathtaking views of the Valley then Les Houches is a great place to be. Nestled at the bottom of the Chamonix Valley you can see right up past Chamonix itself when up the hill and be amazed by the breath taking views. It is truly a magical place with all the trees covered in snow and the vast amounts of trials to go walking and snow shoeing. When silent it makes for a mystical place indeed to take in all the glorious scenery Les Houches has to offer.

Les Houches itself is a typical Alpine Village with small cafes and the occasional bar to grab a well deserved beer after a long day on the Piste. Around Christmas they have a 25 ft tree in the village centre covered in twinkling lights which compliment the snow covered branches beautifully. You will also see carol singers and locals sipping Vin Chaud whilst huddled around the tree in the festive season making for a truly unforgettable sight at Christmas.

There is an array of restaurants also in Les Houches if you want more than a burger in the evening and many are open until the small hours if entertainment is put on after service. If you are just after a quick snack there is a pizza place and a couple of cafes open for fast food until late.

As for Ski Hire, people assume they need to trek into Chamonix. This is defiantly not the case as there are at least 8 Ski Hire shops in the village making competition rife and bringing the prices down for you. You can also hire ski bikes and snow shoes from most shops as well as being able to buy new ski gear from them too.

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Les Houches Ski Resort Facts

Altitudes   Slopes For:  
Top station 1900m Beginners 4 (16 km)
Middle Station 1500m Intermediate 6 (15 km)
Base Station 1000m Advanced 12 (17 km)
Village 1000m Expert 2 (7 km)
Vertical Drop 900m    
    Total Slopes 24 (55 km)