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Terms and Conditions

Once your transfer confirmation has been received you do not need to do anything else as Chamonixfirst will take care of the rest!

The day before travel, Chamonixfirst will contact customers via text message and email with the driver’s name that is assigned to the job, a telephone number for the driver and the specific collection details including times and any special instructions.

It really is as simple as that!

Sit back, relax and let Chamonixfirst look after everything else.

For more details, please see below:

1. Booking confirmation
2. Cancellations
3. Missed, delayed and cancelled flights
4. Transfers – to and from resort
5. Waiting time
6. Luggage
7. Food and drink
8. Transfers to the Aosta Valley/Courmayeur
9. Route Involving the Col du Montet ie. Vallorcine/Verbier Transfers - to and from

1. Booking Confirmation

Payments for journeys with Chamonixfirst are required at the time of booking.

Once payment is received customers will receive a email confirmation with details of the booking.
Bookings are only confirmed if the online booking form is completed or a telephone booking is made and confirmation via email sent to and received by the customer.

If bookings are made by phone, the customer accepts Chamonixfirst’s terms and conditions.
Once confirmation is received you must print this as this is your ticket to travel. Travel may be refused if no ticket is present. Both confirmations for outward and inward travel must be printed.

When booking a transfer with Chamonixfirst it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure all the information submitted to be correct and legible. Chamonixfirst can’t accept any responsibility for wrong information submitted i.e wrong flight times and for any problems this may cause such as missed flights. If wrong information is submitted at the time of booking you must contact our office straight away to rectify this. This must be done at least 2 days before travel. Failure to do this may result in the customer being dropped at the tourist office in the relevant town of stay if the accommodation is not known by the customer.

If Chamonixfirst decides to cancel a booking because of events beyond its control a full refund will be issued.

At its discretion Chamonixfirst may take cash payments on arrival of customers. Customers are still required to give credit card details.If the customer fails to show, the credit card will still be debited the agreed amount of the transfer.

2. Cancellations and changes to a booking

2.1. Cancellations must be made by email to and will be confirmed by email.
If no confirmation of cancellation has been received it is the responsibility of the customer to contact Chamonixfirst.

2.2. All requested changes to a booked transfer need to be made via email. We will not change any booking until an emailed request is received.

2.3. Refunds - 100% refund if cancelled more than 14 days before travel! *
At Chamonixfirst we understand that events take place beyond everyone’s control. We also understand that the worry of this should not affect your choice to pre book your holiday transfers.
This is why Chamonixfirst try to be as fair and flexible as possible when it comes to refunds with 100%* refunds given for transfers cancelled 14 or more days before travel - simple!
* All cancellations are subject to a €20 flat fee to cover admin and credit card charges.

2.4. Cancellation requests made 96hrs (4 days) - 14 days before travel. 
In the event of a cancellation request being made by the customer (96hrs) 4 - 14 days before the first leg of their travel, Chamonixfirst will refund 50% of the cost of the transfer (and any supplements paid) as well as charge a flat €20 fee to cover administration and the card transaction fees.

2.5. Cancellation requests made less than 96hrs hours before travel. 
In the event of a cancellation request being made by the Customer 96hrs before before the first leg of the transfer, no refund will be issued for said transfer booking.

2.6. Cancellations made by Chamonixfirst
Chamonixfirst maintains the right to cancel bookings at any time if it feels it will be unable to supply the service requested in a correct manner.

3. Missed, delayed and cancelled flights

In the event of a delayed or cancelled flight you must inform Chamonixfirst ASAP.

3.1. Delayed flights
If you have a delayed flight Chamonixfirst will do its best to try and arrange onward transport for that day but Chamonixfirst cannot guarantee they will be able to especially during busy periods.
In the event of a delayed flight, Chamonixfirst cannot except any responsibility for the costs of your onward journey from the airport once you arrive if Chamonixfirst has no availabilty for the time you arrive. In the event of a missed transfer due to a delayed flight, the transfer has been missed through no fault of Chamonixfirst and no compensation claims can be made toward Chamonixfirst.

3.2. Flight cancellations
In the event of a flight cancellation your transfer is non-refundable as this is completely out of Chamonixfirsts control. If the customer has to arrange other transport as we cannot cover what you need, Chamonixfirst are not liable for any costs incurred and you should seek advice from your travel insurance.

3.3. Missed flights
In the event of a missed flight, Chamonixfirst cannot except any responsibility for the costs of your onward journey from the airport once you arrive. In the event of a missed flight, the transfer has been missed through no fault of Chamonixfirst and no compensation claims can be made toward Chamonixfirst.

4. Transfers - to and from resort

4.1. Private transfers airport onwards
Private transfers mean the client has the sole use of the vehicle.
Chamonixfirst will wait up to 1hr for delayed flights and after this time the driver may have to leave to keep the rest of the schedule.

If a client’s flight is delayed more than 1 hour the transfer will be classed as a cancellation. Where possible Chamonixfirst will do its best to put customers on the next transfer available at no extra charge but is not always possible. This may well be a shared transfer.

If the client decides to make the onward journey by other means Chamonixfirst cannot accept any charges or costs incurred.

4.2. Shared transfers - airport onwards
Chamonixfirst group shared transfers who land within 1 hr of each other or less.
Customers booked on shared transfers agree to wait up to 1 hour after they have landed at the airport and have made contact with the driver.

If the customers have to wait more than one hour, then steps will be taken to find the customer alternative transport to get to resort.

The 1-hour wait is valid from 0800 to 2000. All bookings made outside these times are subject to an increased wait of up to 90 minutes. All shared transfers passengers who arrive on the French side of the Airport must make their own way to the Swiss side of the Airport.

A one drop policy is applied to all shared transfers. If key collection is needed we will drop at the collection address and you will need to make your way to  your accomodation as we will have other passegers to drop.

4.3. Resort onwards – private and shared
Clients will be given a pickup time for transfer from resort to the airport once a transfer is confirmed.
This is an estimated time and an actual pickup time will be text and emailed to each customer the day before travel on the number and email address provided whilst booking.
If no message has been received by 1800 the day before travel it is up to the client to contact Chamonixfirst to verify the collection time.

Chamonixfirst will not wait more than 5 minutes for the customer on a shared transfer at the pre booked pick up point. After this period the customer will be classed as a no show and no refund will be given.

Chamonixfirst will not wait more than 10 minutes for customers who have booked a private transfer. After this period the customer will be classed as a no show and no refund will be given.

If customers are not at the pickup point at the time booked, or at the time given to them by (excluding flight arrivals) and have not been informed of any changes the customer wanted to make, time or a different pickup point, the driver will not wait for the customer nor will drive to another pickup point for the customer.
Due to events beyond the control of such as bad weather or road conditions, the customer must make their own way to a suitable, safe pickup point. Chamonixfirst may recommend a suitable point and also give customers advice where possible on different pickup points.

Chamonixfirst will also try and give as much notice as possible on revised pick up points. In the event of huge impact to the schedule Chamonixfirst reserve the right to place the customer on the next available transfer. This will be assessed on a case by case basis and is at the discretion of the management.

Both Shared and Private transfers are collected between 3 - 5 hrs before the flight departure time indicated on the original booking. As per above the specific collection time is given the day before travel.
It is mandatory for a valid mobile phone to be used whilst booking so contact can be made if need be and also to receive your specific collection time.

Chamonixfirst cannot accept any liability whatsoever in the event of delays caused by events beyond its control which cause’s missed flights or other missed commitments.

These are examples of events not in our control:
Vehicle breakdowns, unforeseen traffic delays, problems caused by other customers, Road or tunnel closures forcing alternative routes, exceptional or severe weather conditions - snow storms, avalanches, accidents or deaths on the road causing delays to the vehicle, industrial action by third parties, Force Majeure (war, civil unrest, terrorism, acts of god, etc.) the vehicle being held or delayed by a police officer or government official.

In the event of Chamonixfirst not being able to deliver is passengers on time and or to their destination, Chamonixfirst will not be held responsible for any losses or costs incurred.

Customers are advised to have relevant travel insurance for these circumstances.

5. Waiting time
Airport or train station onwards
Waiting time is charged at €40 per hour after the first hours wait for customers (as per the indiated flight arrival time) arriving at the airport.

6. Luggage
Chamonixfirst customers are allowed to carry 2 items of luggage per person. 

This can comprise of either 1 ski/snowboard bag or hold luggage and 1 cabin bag. If any customers need extra luggage allowance this MUST be made clear at the time of booking in the booking notes section. We will then check to see if we can accomodate.

Chamonixfirst reserve the right to charge for excess baggage or to refuse to carriage of the excess items. Customers’ luggage is carried entirely at the customer’s risk and is not insured by Chamonix. Chamonixfirst cannot accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged item Customers are always advised to have travel insurance for these items.

7. Food and Drink
Food, drink and smoking in the vehicles a) Eating and drinking is not permitted in vehicles. b) Soiling or damage to must be paid for by the client at the time of the incident. Soiling charges start at €50 with a maximum of €200 if a full vehicle valet is needed. Failure to pay for whatever reason will result in the card used to make the payment being debited with the appropriate amount c) Smoking and the consumption of illegal substances if not permitted within vehicles. Entry or further travel will be refused if the customer cannot stick to this the rule and no refund will be offered. Anti-social behaviour towards the vehicle or staff will not be tolerated and will refuse to continue the journey with the customer on-board. If need be, relevant authorities will be called.

8. Transfers to the Aosta Valley/Courmayeur
(Transport which includes the Mont Blanc tunnel as a route).
Occasionally the Mont Blanc Tunnel can close or traffic can be extremely heavy. In this case Chamonixfirst cannot accept any liability for missed flights or missed onward travel. This situation is completely beyond the control of Chamonixfirst. We do however always leave more than enough time to cope with delays but we can never know the extend of the closure or the extent of the traffic delays.
If we are unable to get to through the Mont Blanc Tunnel to collect you due to heavy traffic on the Chamonix side, you are advised to get a taxi to Chamonix where we will meet you to complete you onward travel.
Chamonixfirst accept no liability for the costs of this additional travel incurred as heavy queuing on the Chamonix side to get too Courmayeur to collect passengers is beyond our control.
You are advised to contact your travel insurance if this situation arises.

9. Route Involving The Col du Montet ie. Vallorcine/Verbier Transfers - to and from
If a booking to Vallorcine is taken but due to bad weather the road to Vallorcine is closed, the customer will be dropped at Argentiere Railway station to make their way to Vallorcine from there or expected to get to Argentiere railway station from Vallorcine for their outward transfer. Due to the train from Argentiere being currently closed, if the road to Vallorcine is closed the client will be taken to the nearest hotel as getting to Vallorcine is not possible by road. Once the road has reopened it is up to the customer to make their way to their accommodation in Vallorcine. If the road is closed to Vallorcine when we are due to collect guests its up to the client to get to Argentiere to make their transfer - again because it’s impossible to reach by car. Transport which uses the Col de Montets e.g. transport to Verbier occasionally during severe weather the Col De Montets will close. Chamonixfirst will make every effort to complete the transfer once the Col has reopened. If the customer decides to make other travel arrangements Chamonixfirst are not responsible for costs incurred and the booking will be classed as cancelled by the customer and no refund will be given.
Nothing can affect the consumers’ statutory rights.

French Law will govern these conditions in all respects.

Any dispute between and a third party, if not resolved by mutual agreement shall be referred to a mediator. However, if mediation is unsuccessful, then the matter of the dispute will be referred to a formal litigation process through the French courts.