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Verbier - The Resort Review

How much does it cost to get to Verbier from Chamonix?

Chamonixfirst's Private Chamonix to Verbier taxi transfers are €160 each way based on a maximum of 8 people (available to book any day midweek) or €300 for a daytrip return

Transfer time

Our Chamonix to Verbier bus takes around 1 hour 15 minutes to 1hour 30 minutes.

Verbier Ski Resort Review

The 4 Vallées ski area is the largest truly-linked lift area in Switzerland and one of the largest lift-linked areas in the world. The valley also boasts one of the longest skiing vertical descents which involves a trial of 15km which descends more than 2500m, which again is one of the longest and best verticals in the world.

Verbier has some legendary features including the Tortin snow bowl which has massive bumps, the extreme couloirs down from Les Attelas, the near vertical skiing around Mont Gele and the famous Gentianes piste below the cable car. Heli-skiing in very popular in Verbier and can be easily

Verbier prides itself on having a good number of high tech lifts which are able to transport a large number of people quickly onto and around the piste, and famously ‘Le Jumbo’ cable car, which is able to carry up to 150 people at a time up to the Mont Fort Glacier.

Ski touring and mountaineering is yet another of the Verbier's attractions, situated as it does on the legendary 'Haute Route' between Chamonix and Zermatt (6-8 days). Intermediates beyond doubt have the greatest choice with hundreds of miles/kilometres of trails in the blue/red division. The large Lac des Vaux bowl with lifts running in every angle is one of the many options. Beginners may feel overwhelmed by the skiing Mecca surrounding them, but nonetheless have sunny nursery slopes just above the village centre. 

If Cross country skiing is what you’re after you have plenty of 4 and 5km (2.5- 3 mile) loops to choose from starting in the various Vallées villages, and there is a spectacular 30km (18 mile) route through Val de Bagnes.

The nightlife in Verbier offers something for all ages and is generally considered the place to be than most of its rivals. Le Bar below the Chez Martin restaurant provides fantastic music, as well as Crock No Name which is now famous for its Long Island Ice Tea. The grand Nelson Pub and the two-level Mont Fort Pub are both famous for being action-packed till 1.30am. The more relaxed King's Bar serves fine wines by the glass, cocktails, malts, cigars and a extensive selection of rums. 

There are now five atmospheric clubs in Verbier open up to 4am, Taratata has different styles of music in three bars. Le Farm Club is really casual but can normally have large queues if you arrive after 12 and Icebox attracts the young crowd making it a very lively place when the bars around close

All in all Verbier is a great place to visit and with our ski transfer service running from Chamonix to Verbier you can be sure to have a great hassle free time in the neighbouring resort.

As the Chamonix unlimited pass also covers skiing in Verbier (6+ unlimited pass) it is a real must when coming to the valley. If you plan to ski in the day and stay out all night this can be accommodated also with our late night taxi service which covers Verbier.

Verbier Ski Resort Facts

Altitudes   Slopes For:  
Top station 3330m Intermediate 19 (40 km)
Base Station 1500m Advanced 20 (40 km)
Vertical Drop 1830m Expert 5 (30 km)
    Slopes Total 44 (110 km)